James Herms

MIT Crime Club and the Sensodyne Defense
[Sen. Anthony] Gallucio  violated his probation by failing a breathalyzer test, he blamed his toothpaste.
       According to the Cambridge Chronicle, MIT alumnus and Crime Club
president James Herms holds five patents related to Sensodyne toothpaste and should know what’s in it.  He claims that sorbitol, the type of alcohol that Gallucio claimed accounts for the supposedly false result, would not alter the results of a blood alcohol test.
       Herms also had good advice for people with sensitive teeth:
  “What’s more important than the toothpaste is the toothbrush.”
       — Rick Sawyer, Ed., Bostonist (Jan. 4, 2010).

... James helped to resolve a pressing issue between the University and its security guards; ... Through his relentless, voluntary work on their behalf a resolution soon followed ...

Resolution List for City Council Meeting of Monday, March 24, 2003
10. Thanking James K. Herms for his dedication to the City and Citizens of the City of Cambridge.
      Mayor Sullivan and entire membership
       — City Council Res. 10, 2002–2003 Leg., Mar. 24 Sess. (2003).

More GardensMore Peas!

Herms (in green), Victory Celebration, Jardin del Paradiso

More Gardens! Coalition, Victory Celebration, Jardin del Paraíso, New York (June 20, 1999)

Garden-lovers arrested at City Hall sit-in
       With some wearing insect outfits, flower-bedecked hats and mischievous grins, two dozen people staged a sit-in on the marble floor of the City Hall lobby yesterday…
.  Calling themselves the More Gardens! Coalition, the protesters went to City Hall….
       — Dan Barry, N.Y. Times, Feb. 25, 1999.
Ending a long battle, New York lets housing and gardens grow
       The city agreed to preserve some 500 community gardens….
       Giuliani … wanted to put an end to the hundreds of gardens…
.  The garden supporters  were willing to descend on City Hall dressed as vegetables or insects….
       — Jennifer Steinhauer, N.Y. Times, Sept. 19, 2002.
Milestones & Achievements
       In 2007, More Gardens! worked alongside 
Bloomberg to create legislation  to make more gardens.
       — Domestic Service Opportunities: Volunteer with More Gardens, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (2010).

U.S. Patent No. 6,241,972 (filed Feb. 19, 1999) (issued June 5, 2001). Assigned by James Herms & Gregory Dodd to Block Drug Co., mfr. of Sensodyne.

       — U.S. Patent No. 6,241,972 (“Oral Care Formulation for the Treatment of Sensitivity [in] Teeth”).  In 2001 Block Drug Co., manufacturer of Sensodyne toothpaste, was integrated into GlaxoSmithKline’s Consumer Healthcare sector.

Harvard Police update crime log data
       The Harvard University Police Department changed its public crime log yesterday after a crime-watch organization accused the department of violating federal law….
       Daniel Carter, vice president of Security On Campus,
wrote to Harvard Police Chief Francis Riley.  “The Harvard University campus community has apparently in many instances been denied access to the specific dates  and locations of criminal incidents for nearly six years.”
       The conflict dates back to the spring, when 
Herms  alerted Carter to the problem.
       — Emily Anthes, Boston Globe, July 20, 2004.

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