Research Assistants and Investigators

Public Safety
Industrial-Organization Analysis
(educational industry)
Student Health

5–12 hr/wk
Opportunities for bonuses, for advancement, and for awards from nationally recognized groups*

Stalcommpol Inc. is a 501c(3) public-service organization.  Currently we have positions available for university students and recent graduates.  On occasion we retain other university affiliates, primarily security staff, as consultants.

Group members meet once or twice weekly, at MIT or Harvard.  Hours are flexible.  Some of our

currently available projects include:

No specific experience is required.  Applicants must have sound interpersonal, analytical, and writing skills.  Resourcefulness, creativity, and empathic perception are essential.  A healthy indifference to personal criticism is naturally useful in project work that may lead to the discovery of organizational inefficiencies.

Send a short description of your specific interests and any relevant background information or a resume to J. Herms, Dir.,  You may also call or text (617) 835-2922.  Additional information is available on our

projects page.

Part-Time Webmaster (content provider)

4–12 hr/wk
$26.00/hr and up

Create or edit simple HTML documents and images using Dreamweaver.  Maintain site infrastructure and links.  In addition, you may redesign aspects of our site as you see fit.

You will be reimbursed for all software purchases.

Copywriting, text-editing, and graphic-design skills are desirable but not essential.

Send a statement of qualifications or a resume to J. Herms, Dir.,  You may also call or text (617) 835-2922.

* Most recently given to two of our assistants by the

Dru Campaign, an organization whose efforts the U.S. Dept. of Justice recognized when it named a public-safety website after Dru Sjodin.

Posted Aug. 18, 2007.